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The most common question we get asked by ladies would have to be –

I want extensions – are clip-ins or permanent extensions better for me?


In short, as fabulous as it is to always have permanent extensions (tape, weft, i-tip etc) attached to you so that you have this neverending mane of hair, there are many things that women forget about:



1) Permanent extensions cause damage to your natural hair

Always having tape, i-tips etc connected to your natural hair means the constant weight and pressure (not to mention damage caused when they’re removed) will result in damage and breakage – a lot of the time even bald spots – to your head of hair.


Clip-in hair extensions alleviate this as you take them out as you please, when you have a shower, etc – causing no damage to your natural hair.  What’s more, our silicon-coated clips are the highest quality in the world to ensure they minimise slipping and friction on your hair <3 .


2) Permanent extensions cost a lot of money to maintain and keep in – so be prepared to spend $$$

Not only do you have the initial cost of a full head of extensions (anywhere from $500 – $1500), you also then have repair costs (when they slip out or break), the removal and upkeep costs (moving them up as your hair grows, take them out and then put them back in when getting your colour refreshed), and replacement costs (permanent hair extensions – especially depending upon the quality you purchase – do not last forever and you will have to buy another full head at some point).


On the other hand, clip-in hair extensions are a once-off cost of $340 (at full price without any discount code, AFTERPAY AVAILABLE)- and if they’re LAhair Extensions – they will last you anywhere from 8-24 months depending how well you look after them!


3) Permanent extensions make washing, brushing and blow-drying your hair tricky (as well as sleeping!)

The price you will pay (apart from the $$$) of having permanent extensions is that when it comes time to wash, dry out and brush your hair, you will have to take extreme care not to damage/pull out anything – otherwise you could be up for more $$$ repairing and replacing them.  Also, washing can be a tricky art – maneuvering across the scalp ensuring you wash everything well – so be prepared to spend some time doing this…. not to mention how much longer it all takes to dry!


Clip-in extensions are exactly what the name implies – while you can sleep with them in – you can also quickly and easily take them out at a moment’s notice for washing, drying, colouring and sleeping.



As a premiere supplier of hair extensions in Australia, America and worldwide, we love ALL extensions.  There are many situations were someone will prefer permanent extensions – and are prepared to spend more on upkeep, time and cost.  We also sell permanent extensions to salons and stylists, so while we have no preference – we do find that customers are leaning more and more towards a quality set of clip-ins these days!  Once you are familiar with clipping them in, and you know where you want to clip them to achieve your desired look, you will be able to do it within 5-minutes without looking in a mirror! 🙂


Nearly every picture of a celebrity on a red-carpet consists of a head of hair extensions hidden within the style to create gorgeous thickness and overall glamour!  So – if you are ready to upgrade your look and go for the best value, most cost effective way to achieve instant gorgeousness – SHOP NOW!


LAhair Extensions xx